Product Name : 'Boost Your Education Or Career Opportunities With Vedic Astrology '

Product Price : $39

Career Development

You are the only person who can change your own life! Your intelligence, personality and nature are the reflections of your own mindbody constitution which are the key factors for your success. Know the best suitable career path as per vedic astrology for your success. Choose best educational field as per your natural intelligence and interest.

Know more about you, your subject of interest, your mentalphysical strength and weakness, your perception towards self and society.

You Will Get:

1) Detailed analysis of auspicious / inauspicious planets effect on your mindbody by vedic astro birth chart.

2) Detailed analysis of your mentalphysical constitution and behaviour.

3) Detailed analysis of planetary transition and mahadasha in respect of your career or education for next 5 years.

4) Detailed analysis of your point of interest ( career/education related suitable pathway )

5) Detailed analytical advice by prevention, precaution and remedies to reduce inauspicious effect on your mindbody constitution for development of positive nature, personality and Intelligence to boost your success.

6) Detailed answer of your questions related to career or education. ( Please ask any two questions )