Product Name : 'Detailed Analysis, Description & Remedies Of Your Full Horoscope ( Kundali ) As Per Vedic Astrology'

Product Price : $61

Full Horoscope(Kundali)

Detail analysis of your full horoscope as per vedic astrology and ayurveda.

It will cover everything related to your health, wealth and well being.

100% Guaranteed Practical solution for any problems related to your horoscope.

1) Detailed analysis of your mindbody constitution as per Vedic astrological birth chart.

2) Detailed analysis of auspicious/inauspicious birth chart planets and it's effect on your health & career.

3) Detailed analysis of planetary transition and mahadasha effect for next 10 years.

4) Detailed analysis of your body type and quality of nature as per ayurveda & astrology.

5) Detailed analysis of sadesati and its effect on your health and career.

6) Detailed analysis of any inauspicious yoga and its effect on your birth chart (kundali).

7) Detailed description and advice of prevention, precaution and remedies including Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions, Diet, Mantras, Meditation,Pranayama to boost your health and future related problems.

8)You can ask any questions related to your problems.