3)Product Name : 'Harmony Between Two Mind & Body Marriage Compatibility As Per Vedic Astrology'

Product Price : $30

Marriage Compatibility                                           preparing For Wedding

Selection of the life partner is not easy for everyone. Logically it is very complicated to select someone as a life partner in arrange marriages. Even in many love marriages, complications arise after sometime of marriage.

Vedic astrology is the most effective solution for marriage compatibility! Marriage is just not a relationship between male and female but it is a harmony between two mind and body! It is a feeling of love, romance, faith and dedication for each other.

Nature ( Prakriti ) is a primordial factor of everyone's life. Everyone has their own taste, choice, like, dislike, love and emotions, thoughts, mental behaviour, sexual ability and physical constitution. We are all different from each other!

Vedic astrology can help you to find out your dream life partner! It can tell you everything, you want to know about your life partner

You Will Get:

1) Detailed analysis of auspicious / inauspicious effect of planets on your vedic birth chart ( both you & your partner) for happy married life.

2) Detailed description for Guna ( Quality ), Nakshatra and planet matching.

3) Detailed analysis related to nature and behavior for each other in respect of your marriage life.

4) Detailed analysis related to love, emotions and physical relationship between both of you.

5) Detailed description for Manglik Dosha ( Do not upset with Manglik Dosha )

6) Detailed answer to your questions related to your marriage life. ( Please ask any two questions )