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Sade Sati Effect

Saturn the most important planet for our physical and psychological constitution. It takes two and half years to transit from one moonshine ( Rashi ). When it start transition from twelfth house from moonshine, sade sati comes into the effect.

Moonshine is our personal antenna of mind. Our psychological behavior is depend on moonshine. Its position and strength in birth chart ( kundali ) is very important for positive or negative effects of different planets while transit from the different houses.

Saturn is a planet of ego and selfishness. Inauspicious placed saturn creates fear darkness and doubt in our mind. It drive us towards negativity, stress, depression and anxiety which leads us towards dullness, darkness, dissolution, death, destruction, ignorance, sloth, and resistance. While auspicious placed strong saturn increased concentration, seriousness, hard work, discipline, sense of detail and strength for deal with any challenges in the life. Saturn is a strict teacher who teaches the reality of life!

Know more about Saturn (Shani ) and its effect on your psychological and physical constitution. You Will Get:

1) Detailed analysis of Saturn effects on your mindbody constitution as per Vedic astrology.

2) Detailed analysis of Saturn effect on your health during sadesati period.

3) Detailed analysis of mahadasha and related effect of Saturn transition from different houses for next 15 years.

4) Detailed analytical advice by prevention, precaution and remedies to reduce inauspicious effect as per Saturn position and transition in your birth chart.

5) Detailed answer of your questions related to sadesati. ( Please ask any two questions )