Product Name : Vedic Astro Health Chart With Detailed Constitutional Analysis, Description & Remedies

Product Price : $48

Vedic Astro Health Chart                                        Health Is Real Wealth

As a human being most important goal of our life is to keep ourselves healthy and happy. Health is the real wealth of our life.

Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Mantras ( Mantras are sacred chant which helps to keep our mindbody healthy) are fundamentals of 'Vedic Science' which help to keep human mindbody healthy and happy!

Vedic Astrology is a divine guide to know about our mindbody constitution and health of overall life!

Your vedic astro birth chart ( kundali ) can predict everything related to your health by considering your physical constitution, even the inauspicious transition of planet effect on your physical conditions in particular period!

You Will Get:

1) Detailed analysis of your mindbody constitution as per Vedic astrological birth chart.

2) Detailed analysis of auspicious/inauspicious birth chart planets and it's effect on your health.

3) Detailed analysis of planetary transition and mahadasha effect on your health for next 5 years.

4) Detailed analysis of your body type and quality of nature as per ayurveda & astrology.

5) Detailed description and advice of prevention, precaution and remedies including Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions, Diet, Mantras, Meditation,Pranayama as per type of your mindbody constitution.

6) Detailed answer related to your health questions.( Please ask any two questions related to your health)