6) 'Vedic Solution Of Your Questions By Vedic Astrology'

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Vedic Solution Of Your Questions

Get the best Vedic advice of your questions.

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1) Does my horoscope have a 'kaal sarp yoga’? If ‘Yes’ advise remedies.
2) What is Manglik dosha? Does my horoscope have Manglik dosha? If ‘Yes’ Advise remedies.
3) What is an auspicious ( shubh ) time to invest in property as per my horoscope?
4) Please advise auspicious time ( muhurta ) for marriage, vastu or grih pravesh, starting of new business or ask your own question regarding panchang or muhurta?
5) What is my body constitution ( vaata, pitta, kapha) as per Astro-Ayurveda? Please recommend Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet.
6) Which career path is suitable for me?
7) Which education stream is suitable for me?
8) I want to ask my own question. ( Please select this serial number and write your own question at checkout in additional information box)