How Do Planets Influence Our Lives?

☆ Do you think that planets can make or change your future? We might not believe in future which is controlled by the planet. That's right, nothing can govern yourself except you! We don't believe in superstitions.

☆ But, have you ever thought about the things happening around you? Why each people have different constitution? Why everyone has difference in mental ability and physical strength? Why every people think different way from others? Why each of us have a different point of interests? Why some people are more successful than others? Why some people are better in some are artist....or politicians? There are thousands of successful people around us, who are more creative and happily live their life!

☆ We all are curious to know about how every people are physically and psychologically different from each other. What fundamentals are working behind these? What influence us for our behaviour and personality?

☆ Let's try to understand all of these questions with the help of more than 5000 years old theory of 'Vedic Science'! 'Vedic Science' not only help us to understand how to get success in the life but it's a complete package of knowledge of human being, for their well being and development of mind, body and soul for balanced healthy, wealthy and happy life!

☆ To understand cosmic influence on human life we have to understand about our constitution and nature of mind-body as per 'Vedic Science'.

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