Human Body and Bio-electromagnetism?

☆ Living cells are Electromagnetic units including human, animal and plants. Our whole body cells, tissues or organisms, sense of smell, visionary system, heart functions, endocrine system, nervous system, metabolism system everything working under Bioelectromagnetism

☆ Our brain is the hub of our nervous system. It is made up of 100 billion nerve cells. Each cell is connected to around 10,000 others. So the total number of connections in our brain is around 1000 trillion!! Our nervous system is a network of cells called neurons which transmit information in the form of electrical signals. Neurons communicate with each other at special junctions where chemicals help to bridge the gap between one neuron and the next!

☆ We know that when electricity passes through a metal it causes a magnetic field. In a similar way, human electricity in the brain and nervous system creates magnetic fields around our body. There are billions of nerve impulses in the body and these are constantly creating complex human magnetic fields!

☆ The human heart is a source of electro-magnetism at a few meters away, is detectable by modern scientific instruments. Electric force can transform into different types of energy waves, such as heat, radiation, radio and microwaves and these energy waves can travel a long distance.

☆ Electromagnetic waves can travel not only through air and solid materials, but also through space

☆ The human nervous system can create electric energy waves that can be measured with scientific instruments. The human body produces infrared radiation that, with night vision equipment, can be seen from miles.

☆ That means our whole body including endocrine system and brain working under the effect of Biomagnetic field and which is manipulated by the cosmic radiation!

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